Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Angry Pants...

Okay, I am going to tell you a little something about angry pants...and no they are not an actual pair of pants. Sometimes things happen to you or around you that make you mad, real mad. For example you are about to leave to go on a trip to see your family, who by the way you haven't seen in months, and just as you are about to walk out the door your husband decides he needs to download some podcast onto his i pod or pack his computer and game system to take with you on the trip. Never mind that he has been sitting on the couch for half an hour watching you pack the car...

OR...the girl at work is on her cell phone all day while you are pulling more than your share of duties and then you have to listen to her complain about how she doesn't get paid enough for all the "hard" work she does... have a friend that has offered to help you with a project(which you know from past experience is a bad idea, but you have to be nice) and of course she waits until the day it needs to be done to do her part leaving you with most of the work

There are so many things that happen in life that are going to make you angry(this is of course worse for the control freaks out there). When this occurs there is only one thing to do...put on your angry pants. You are allowed to be angry, in fact just sit in your angry pants and stew. Think all the angry thoughts you want. Think about how right you are in the situation and how wrong the other person is. Just be angry until you can't do it anymore. And when you can't be angry anymore take the pants off and be happy. Wear the pants as long as you need to. The time needed to wear the pants corresponds directly with how mad the person or situation has made you. Sometimes I find I only need 10-15 minutes in my angry pants, but if you are dealing with repeat offenders you may need longer...sometimes days.

Well now you know all about angry pants. Wear them wisely and make sure to take them off when you don't need them. Look forward to more pants post to come: Sassy pants, Confrontation pants, and Pretend pants...


  1. I am totally loving these pants. Do you have love pants -- or is that a different kind of blog? : )

  2. I think angry pants make your butt look big.
    - love you.

    Great writing sugar neck.


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