Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Green Door

My husband and I have different styles in decorating. I am a kind of eclectic country/vintage kind of girl and he is a more modern/industrial kind of guy(or so he thinks).Sometimes our decor styles overlap and loveliness happens and sometimes a desk made from a too small folding table happens. The folding table was fine in our small apartment, but now we live in a house. It is time to step things when my husband suggested getting an old door and making a desk out of it, I thought...great! Actually to be honest, I loved the idea...I love old doors...heck, I love most things with a vintage feel. Why didn't I come up with this idea???

The search was on...I was looking for the perfect old door and guess what???? I found it...

and the best part(besides the great price) is that the door is very favorite color. I love this door. It makes me want to buy other old doors and fill my house with them. In fact, at some point I may just do that. I am sad to say that this door did not become a desk due to some kind of Plexiglass debacle and my husband shopping without me. I am okay with it, though, because now I get to use it as some really fun decor in my kitchen...
Don't you just love when things work out...or when they don't...


  1. I love it when things work out! And I love cramming things into our cars and driving around like little old ladies. Ok, that was just me. But I still loved it.

    I especially love seeing your house feel more and more like your home!

  2. Fun unexpected pop of colour! The weathering on it is really nice too. Yes, you lucked out!



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